Medical Devices

Surgical, Cardiovascular, Critical care, home healthcare, general medical and other devices.

The global medical device industry has experienced significant growth over the last five years and is expected to continue, reaching approximately US $302 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 6.1% during next six years (2011-2017).

APAC is projected to lead the market and grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. India and China are expected to be the driving countries.

Increased global competitiveness and government regulation and a lack of qualified manpower related to medical devices are some of the challenges facing the Medical Device industry.

Service scenario:
- 100% uptime of equipment is mandatory
- 90% of equipment is serviced @ customer location
- Frequent visits by Service Engineer for software upgrades, preventive, inspection
- Long induction times for new staff & Tech-savvy service engineers
- Field service Team relies on Email, Phone Calls, SMS to report progress
Organizations need technology that is designed for Service Engineer
- Enables Service Engineer to easily report progress and greater details about the service
- Enforce strict compliance to procedures (quality control etc.)
- Feeds information back into ERP, CRM for deeper analysis on dealer, machine and service performance


  • Smartphone
    • Receive instant alerts on service call/order assignment
    • Update of real time status (Service Call, Service Order)
    • Capture add-on activities and effort/resources expended
    • Generate Field Completion Report and capture customer signature
    • Closure with attachments (field completion report)
    • Collaborate with service experts, reach support for faster issue resolution
    • View relevant knowledge artifacts
    • Capture equipment parameters as part of inspections/good-will visits
    • Offline capability when the technician is out of network coverage area
  • Basic Phone
    • Receive instant alerts on service call/order assignment
    • Retrieve tasks to be completed
    • Report start, progress, completion of service call/order
  • Office (Web)
    • Log Customer calls, Scheduling , Monitoring completion by Technician
    • Field force location tracker
    • Setup Lists i.e. checklists, quality control list, resource list and part list
    • Maintain Common knowledge repository
    • Define Activity schedule and attach lists , knowledge artifacts
    • Generate / Source (ERP/CRM) Service Orders
    • Service Order Scheduling to Closure workflow
    • Track quotations (generated out of inspection/goodwill visits) to closure    
  • Tablet
    • Performance dashboards
      • Service Call , Service Order Metrics
      • Service Engineer productivity
      • Activity wise Analysis
      • Customer Service TAT (Turn-around-Time)
      • Branch / Dealer performance
      • Service Order Profitability